Rise of the Warlords( Newbie guide pt.4)

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Rise of the Warlords( Newbie guide pt.4)

Postby Paul » Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:09 pm

Back again for another dose of hints for new players and people who just afraid to ask the "stupid" questions.

1.Q:How can I trade equipment between the heroes Liu Bei and Guan yu?

A: First open your Hero card user interface or (HCUI for short), then press bottom right side's inventory icon(Should resemble a case,this will open your inventory. Take any itme you wish to trade and drag it into the inventory section, Close Liu bei's HCUI. After this open Guan yu's HCUI, bottom right hand screen press the inventory icon, take which ever equipment you would like to and place it on Guan yu's body on the correct position. (ie. placing a hat in the head section.)

2.Q:For new players, what time should you start purchasing equipment for the game?
A:Usually when you've reached a certain battle were your enemies are just too strong to win, then you can start to think about using certain equipment to obtain certain need attributes.Usually, the stage that brings the most difficulty to new players is "Crusade against Dong," this is when you should start going to buy equipment from the shop or purchasing the Golden chest, with the Golden Chest you can randomly obtain powerful weapons( including the mystical Red colored equipment.)
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