Rise of the Warlords( Newbie guide pt.3.)

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Rise of the Warlords( Newbie guide pt.3.)

Postby Paul » Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:03 pm

1.Why do my soldiers from one level disappear as I enter into the next level stage? What things can I take with me to the next level?

A:As like with the Might and magic serious, You can not take your soldiers to another stage, Any resources or soldiers gained can only be used in the Stage they were obtained. Your hero's level, attributes and skills, equipment,strategy cards,can be used in other stages.

2.Q:I'm on week 2 day 7 and I made a wrong move, there's no way I can defeat the opposing army, What should i do, Would I have to restart from the beginning of this stage?

A:Easy, just press the settings icon on the left side of the map(Looks like a gear) press, "1 day back" or "3 days back" to correct this mistake.

Any other problems you're running into, post on this forum to get help from us!
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