Rise of the Warlords( Newbie guide pt.2)

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Rise of the Warlords( Newbie guide pt.2)

Postby Paul » Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:21 pm

Paul here, back again to give you some more newbie guide help:

Q:How do you obtain better Weapons?

A: Players can go directly go through the shop to purchase golden items. To obtain the even higher leveled

Red items, players must go through Chest in the shop. With the Golden chest, opening it will give you the

chance to obtain level 1-12 weapons, with a very high chance of obtaining golden weapons, and a slight

chance of obtaining Red weapons.
The Silver chest, opening it will give you the chance to obtain Golden items as well, but the probability of

obtaining a Red item is less than that of the Golden chest.

Q: How to obtain Game coins?
A:1. You can directly buy Coins through the shop at the main menu.
2.In the main menu, click on rewards, in this screen you can exchange 150 in-game points for 5 coins each

3.In the app store, leave a Rating on the Clash of Warlords page, and you will be rewarded with 10 coins as

well as 500 in-game points.
4.Refer our game to your friends, then from the main menu, enter rewards and click on the recommend

section, tell your friend to enter your id in the Recommender's ID section, both players will receive a 20

coin reward from us.
5.Share the game on any social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or wechat. The first

time you share sharing on each social media platform you can earn 10 coins each, afterwards each week

you share you can get 3 coin rewards each week.
6.After players complete Level 1, other features such as "rewards" will become unlocked, the first item in "Rewards" is the Newbie's 50 coins and 200 in-game points.

Go out and Conquer!
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