Introduce some heroes

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Introduce some heroes

Postby Duckula » Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:35 am

Sun Ce:
The Warrior Prince, The stronger his army, the stronger he becomes. In battle, the more death he and his forces bring about, the more his strength increases.Sun Ce is a formidable warrior, using his sword qi, he can attack his enemies while reducing their attack power with a single rise of his sword.
Equip Sun Ce with items that add counterattack ability, as well as using equipment that will give more Health points will increase his strength.
sun ce.jpg
sun ce
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Xiao Qiao:
Xiao Qiao is the second of the Qiao sisters, and one of the two beauties in the Jiang Dong area. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, she becomes the wife of the Wu commander, Zhou yu.Xiao Qiao may seem weak, but don't judge a book by it's cover, under her protection and leadership her army will come to no harm. Using the flower petals that float around her she can inflict damage to her foes.At long range, Xiao qiao is a difficult adversary to kill, with her technique( mind like water) she can restore her Hp.
Defense, intelligent, and vitality equipment will turn this Beauty into the Joan of Arc of the Three kingdoms.
xiao qiao.jpg
xiao qiao
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Jia Xu:
The sly and cunning wit of Wei,Jia Xu was a strategist during the era of three kingdoms who was known for his ability to adapt under any circumstance.Jia Xu, using his ability (Fever) he can manipulate his opponents in battle causing them to attack one another.He can put an onslaught of damage on his enemies with countless fireballs, as well as extract the souls of his enemies to restore the health of his army.
Equip Jia Xu with equipment that can give him an extra skill during battle which he can use strategically to defeat his foes.
jia xu.jpg
jia xu
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Xu Chu:
Known as the Tiger fool, for his loyalty to Cao Cao and for his courage in battle. A simple-minded Giant among men,this quiet general was firece when on the battlefield. Xu Chu force is undeniable, with his (wood smash) attack he can push any enemy back one grid. Using his technique, (Cornered Beast) it will be a challenge to kill off this Hercules of the Three kingdoms.
Using equipment that can add more Armor and Hp will make this Brute unstoppable.
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xu chu
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Re: Introduce some heroes

Postby Duckula » Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:39 am

Guo Jia:
Cao cao's Right hand man during the Three kingdom Era, was known for his ability to think outside the box when giving counseling to Cao cao.Though he died quite early in the Three kingdoms Era, his thinking left a large impact on Cao cao. Guo Jia is the Coldest wizard of them all, with his Ice based attacks, he can leave any enemy frozen in their tracks. With (Icy Cone) He can turn the most impenetrable armor into scrap metal.
Intelligence and Vitality equipment will make even the hottest day become an icy blizzard.
guo jia.jpg
guo jia
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Xiahou Dun:
Xiahou Dun, a commander in wei, Legends states that during battle he lost his eye to an archer, claiming it a gift from his ancestors, he ate his eye, hunted down that archer, and toke his revenge.A family member of Cao Cao, he was one of his most trusted generals during the three kingdoms era. Watch out for his (unyielding) technique,after Xiaohou Dun's counterattack, he'll have an extra turn. Like a lone wolf, with his (wolf charge) attack he can smash into multiple enemies,bringing them to their knees.
Items that can give Xiaohou Dun an extra chance to make a counterattack, and items that can extend his movement in battle, are a must if you want to tame this wolf like warrior.
xiahou dun.jpg
xiahou dun
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Guan Yu:
Liu Bei's Right hand man, Guan Yu in the hearts of many represents Brotherhood, Righteousness, and justice.In legend he is also called "The Saint of War and the God of Wealth."After Lu Bu fell in battle, Cao Cao gifted Guan Yu with Lu Bu's prized horse, The Red Hare. Even after this priceless gift, Guan Yu still stayed loyal to his Sworn brother, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. With a swift wave of his "Green dragon" Halberd, he could cutdown his enemies as if they grass in a field.
Guan Yu is a tricky character to use, users must always pay attention to his position on the battlefield,equip items that can add on to his spell damage and prove why he's called the Saint of War.
guan yu.jpg
guan yu
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Lu Bu:
The Mightest Warrior of the Three kingdom era goes to Lu Bu,Known for his fighting ability as much as he was known for his Horse, The Red Hare. This Bloodthirsty killing machine, every single death cause by his weapon only added to his insurmountable strength.This army of one, not only can cause damage to his target, but can also damage his other enemies nearby the target.
Equipping Lu Bu with equipment that adds higher movement and attack speed will make even the sound of his name, strike fear into the enemies heart.
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lu bu
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Re: Introduce some heroes

Postby thedark » Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:43 pm

special thank this post, im stuck in campaign rescue at baima, im need some advice of you to thru this map, thank so much
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