Why is there 2 versions of the game in the app store

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Why is there 2 versions of the game in the app store

Postby Yousef mk » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:08 pm

Hey forum how are you all .. needless to say this is my favorite game i have a few stuff i want to talk about and i would love to get an answer for .. first why is there 2 versions of the game ? I spent a lot on the first version but multiplayer and arena doesn’t function there but in this version i was excited to find it working .. at least multiplayer haven’t unlocked arena yet .. plus i would love to transfer my account in the old version to this version i have so much stuff there and quite a progress .. secondly sometimes the forum banns me in random times and later i am unbanned i don’t know what is happening or why i am getting banned but it seems like it is a glitch of some sort .. thirdly the process of signing up in the forum is quite glitched and tiresome i used 3 different new functioning emails before i can sign up correctly (i forgot my old account in forum last year) would you guys please help me transfer my account and all
Yousef mk
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Re: Why is there 2 versions of the game in the app store

Postby Ryan » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:16 am

as the game features and levels become stable, we combine multi-language options to a single version in app store.

if you have problem shifting your game data from the old version to the new app version. you can leave you game account number which is a
8 digits number to us here. we can help with the process.
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