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arena coin

Postby Xiao » Mon May 16, 2016 11:08 am

how to get more coin beside doing the daily arena quest? to hit 1000 coin at least need 2 month if u continue to clear every daily quest everyday

any other to earn it?

by the way im still hitting the lvl 2 difficulty arena. any idea how to clear the lvl3?

still havent upgrade any troop yet.

anyone try the pvp arena? got my ass kick from the chinese server. they have way better troop then me
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Re: arena coin

Postby victorash » Tue May 17, 2016 5:57 am

I didn't play much, but I'll share my experience.
I just hit level 3 arena after playing over and over again the Hellhound PvE. I tried 2 times Darkwind Fastness - and on my second attempt I arrived to the final boss and lost. Didn't try it again because I was losing a lot of time.
I tried PVP twice (only training room). In my first experience I got rekt. The good thing was that I still got a reward at the end. In my second attempt the server got me disconnected, but I was losing anyway.

So as you see my experience is limited, but here is what I can answer to your questions:

1. Regarding on how to get more gold coins:
- you can get 100 coins/month from completing 100 duels in the ranking room, although my only finished PvP was in the training room and it was registered here. So it's either a bug or the text is wrong
- you can get 10 coins/day if you win 2 duels in the ranking or training room
- so from the 2 above you can get a maximum of 400 gold coins per month
- from completing Dungeon Quests - you get 5 gold coins for beating the Hellhound, 7 coins for Darkwind Fastness and 10 coins for Immortal Nanhua. Probably you get something for the Giant Mechanical Bull, but I just can't see it in my quest screen - this can probably be another bug

PvP Ranking
- if you go to the ranking room you'll notice 2 cups in the bottom left - one silver one and one gold one - the gold one is monthly rewards for a good position in the ranking room. But probably we'll never get there because there is a too big difference between what happens in Chinese ladder and the rest of the world ladder due to the fact that most probably the Chinese arena was available way before the one we had in the English version so they have a big ahead start. In a post I suggested to the devs to make 2 separate ranking sections one for the Chinese version and one for the English version of the game. In this way maybe we would stand a chance. But we’ll see what happens.
- here in the ranking room it’s listed that you can get the 200 gold coins if you are ranked positions 51-100 – probably the most accessible place for us, if any, but actually in the ranking room all stops to position 60 – this could be another bug

But anyway why do you need that bad these gold coins? What do you want to do with them? Unless the shop gets richer with the level advancing there aren’t many things to buy there – I see only 1 orange, 2 red items and 1 tactic card that I wouldn’t buy anyway because they are not that good comparing to what it is in the red altar

2. Regarding clearing level 3 arena
- I just tried it once to see how it is and got past the first fight and lost on the second one, so I don’t know how is the boss, but from what I saw you need tactic cards to do damage against infantries because most of the units are Infantry
- you need a good tank hero with a lot of life and send it in front to do damage and take damage (here I only tried Dian Wei, but you can use also LuBu and others) – in this way the enemy’s army won’t reach your back line. In your back line you need good rangers that will do area damage because the infantry will get clumped up next to your hero. You also need a good support hero that will heal and boost your army (like Liu Bei, Cao Cao) and most probably another healer (a priest or a Taoist)
- so I would go 2 heroes (tank + healer/support), 1 Enchanter for area damage, a Taoist and/or Priest for Healing and the Taoist also has area damage and probably some Eudemons – Black tortoise and Green Dragon (but I didn’t unlock them because they are level 4 arena and I’m only 3)

The most important thing with this Clash of Warlords game is not strategy, but how much money & time you invest to higher your gear. And probably this is the most frustrating aspect of the game. Some challenges are that big that you have to give a lot of money to raise your VIP level and buy gold to get a lot of red equipment. So in the end barely any strategy.
So in the end the answer is if you want to beat anything there you have to buy more VIP levels. I only have 5 red items and probably will stay here for a while as I don’t have access to the Altar of Red Equipment, as I don’t have VIP 5 and most probably won’t buy it. But in the game center I saw that you have 34 red items and this is more than half of what it is (I counted 60 red items in the Red shop) so normally you would have very high chance to advance if you would use strategy.

3. Regarding upgrading army:
- I didn’t have many silver tokens, because I didn’t buy them, so only what I got from fights. With that I upgraded my Enchanters from level 1 to level 2. While you get the stages of level 1 the number of Enchanters increased. After getting to level 2 I got a +3 damage bonus that is real good
- so in the end why don’t you upgrade your army? What do you do with your silver tokens?
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Re: arena coin

Postby Xiao » Tue May 17, 2016 9:04 am

hi victor,

to answer your question about the coin, im a collector ;) so basically i just like to collect red equipment. so i need the coin to get the red arena equip.

for the silver tally was planing to save it to upgrade the higher lvl troop. im same as you now at lvl3, and still a long way to go for lvl4.

this game if you play your card right its you just need to spend a dollar for the 1st time and slowly collecting gold. like u say last time, u got more then 1k gold

for the vip lvl its just make a bit different with the free redraw and free tact card. for the red altar i dont used since need to red equip to get 1 red equip. not a good deal for me.

i do agree with you that the dev should separate us from the chinese server since they are far ahead then head and its not fair us international english player

i do hope dev will look into your suggestion regarding separate ranking
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Re: arena coin

Postby victorash » Tue May 17, 2016 6:59 pm

the way I did the easy 1000 gold was like this - received 300 gold for the bug reports. got 600 gold for money - somehow when I bought that I thought you need more than VIP 1 to access Hero mode and I really wanted to play it. got another 200 gold bonus because of the VIP transition reward. so here you are 1100 gold. the rest was entering almost daily and exchange 150 exp for 5 gold.

I didn't understand how the Red Altar works. Can you explain it again? you have to give 2 red equipment to get a new red one?
And how did you manage to get so many red equipment? from buying gold chests?

regarding the Arena - I just noticed that you can tap on players while they wait to match up and you can see their level, ranking and battles, the heroes they use. there are there players that already have a few thousands battles taken and max Arena level so i guess that the Arena is active with the Chinese version for more than 1 year. that is hard to catch up, no matter how good you are
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Re: arena coin

Postby Xiao » Thu May 19, 2016 3:00 pm

red atlar
you need to sacrifice 2 red equipment to get 1 random red equipment so its not really worth it, unless u have a lot of same red equipment. if not dont wasted it coz u might get back the same equipment again
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arena coin

Postby ksushaVit » Fri May 11, 2018 11:48 pm

Adepticon posted their initial draft of events for 2018 22 - 25 March and there was no entry for Arena Rex. Is there any intent to have any Arena Rex tournaments at Adepticon in 2018?
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Re: arena coin

Postby Ryan » Thu May 17, 2018 2:58 am

ksushaVit wrote:Adepticon posted their initial draft of events for 2018 22 - 25 March and there was no entry for Arena Rex. Is there any intent to have any Arena Rex tournaments at Adepticon in 2018?

we will check it out as soon as possible. you can try the latest game patch we just released the day before yesterday.
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